Met een computer literaire kwaliteit onderzoeken is niet zo gek als het lijkt

Graaf van de stilistische verwantschap van romans met zes groepen. Chicklit clustert vaak bij elkaar, en literaire romans ook, maar Gilbert valt onder de literaire romans.

Deze post begin ik met een citaat. Lees het even rustig. “Stilletjes en dreigend komen ze op me af (net Pinkerton-detectives) en gaan aan weerszijden van me staan – Depressie links van me, Eenzaamheid rechts. Ze hoeven me niet hun insignes te laten zien. Ik ken ze al langer dan vandaag , deze mannen. We spelen al jaren kat en

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Confessions of a non-thin woman

Thin does not mean healthy. Nor does fat automatically mean unhealthy. We love those dichotomies because it makes the messy shit that is life seem less complex. I am going to tell you about my mess. Because I need to, and hopefully it will help someone. First off: I am fat. I have a size 18 (46 in the Netherlands).

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Canon for my daughter

As a feminist, I know that making canons is not necessarily a good thing. However, we also cannot do without them. We need to teach our children, we need works by smarter people than us (at least in fields we do not know much about) to do so – and we need examples to make it all appealing. With selection,

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On being crazy about your trade – Digital Humanities 2014

If you understand Dutch, you might have seen Zomergasten with journalist and mathematician Ionica Smeets in August. Zomergasten (‘Summer guests’) is a tv programme in which a famous Dutch person shows her or his favorite visual fragments (tv, film, recorded theatre, Youtube or otherwise) and discusses them with an interviewer. One episode is of a decent movie-length, about three hours.

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