Two fat women in bed just woken up, one is drinking coffee. They are happy, smiling at each other.

More tired means happier?

My discovery of today is that when I am more tired, I am happier. Let me explain.

So I have been tracking my mood and how tired I am for almost a month now. To make it look nice, I chose the Pixel a day format in my health tracking notebook.

The mood tracker in my notebook. Yellow is for happy, blue is for unhappy. The months are up top, the days are on the left.

I use color coding to indicate how tired and how happy I am, but you can’t really chart color that easily. So I converted the colors into numbers. In the mood tracker four is the happiest, one the lowest. In the fatigue tracker, five was the most tired, one is the freshest. (I multiplied the fatigue-numbers by 0,8 to line up the scales, but from now on I will use a four-point scale for the tiredness as well).

Then I put the numbers into a chart and I was baffled. I expected that the scales would be inverted: the less tired, the happier. But it is the exact opposite. Apparently, the more tired I am, the happier I am.

A line graph with two lines, a blue one for mood and a green one for how tired I am. They are strangely similar.
The chart of the mood and fatigue tracker. They line up quite nicely.

It makes no sense. If someone could explain this to me so that I understand it, I would be grateful.

(Featured picture is from Unsplash Free by AllGo – An App For Plus Size People.)